Southern Vineyards Open Weekend

The Southern Vineyards Open Weekend is on again for 2024. We will be sharing the winery with Laurel Bank Vineyard again (130 Black Snake Rd, Granton) on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of March.

Tickets for these Southern Vineyards Open Weekend only events are available below.

Enjoy a half-hour tutorial as we pull apart the aromas and smells of Pinot Noir. Understand how cherries and strawberries get into a glass of wine, explore the differences of smell and taste, see how winemakers use sensory analysis and then use these skills to compare the Pinot Noirs' of Quiet Mutiny and Laurel Bank. 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday, approx half an hour

$25 per person

Unleash the evolution of Riesling. Our "Vertical of Riesling" lets you taste years of vintage magic, each sip a testament to Tasmanian terroir. Led by our mutinous winemaker Greer, embark on a journey from our first vintage in 2017 to now. Experience a revolution on your palate. Limited release, don't miss the boat! 10:45 am on Saturday and Sunday, approx half an hour. 7 vintages of wine tasted.

$25 per person