Quiet Mutiny at Dark Mofo Winter Feast 2022 - Stall 25

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Quiet Mutiny is very excited to be sharing wine with you at this year's Dark Mofo Winter Feast. We can't tell you exactly what we will be pouring just yet, but you know there will be some pretty cool Tasmanian wine, and maybe a new release or two. We also have a surprise beverage which we will announce on opening night, stay tuned to our socials...

You can find us at Stall 25, inside the shed, roadside.

Look for the Golden Wineglass Chandelier!!!

Dark Mofo Winter Feast 2022

For this year's feasting ritual, we will be making merry like the Romans. The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia ushered the return of the light with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn in the Roman forum, followed by a sumptuous banquet and outrageous ritual. The deck area will revive the ancient solstice ritual, with a roaming Saturnalia inspired feast. The hero dish—suckling pig paninis, will be handcrafted by Guest Chef Giovanni Pilu in collaboration with female-owned butcher, Meat Mistress. To accompany our pig sacrifice—rich antipasto dishes presented by Sirocco South, roasted chestnuts with spiced hot chocolate by David Leslie, Roman inspired desserts by Queens Pastry in collaboration with Giuliana White and, of course—endless amounts of Tasmanian wine.

Further details on Saturnalia
Dates and times

Wednesday 15 June, 4–11 pm
Thursday 16 June, 4–11 pm
Friday 17 June, 4–11 pm
Saturday 18 June, 4–11 pm
Sunday 29 June, 4–11 pm

Season Pass - SOLD OUT (there may be resales)
Door tickets subject to capacity
Wed: $10
Thu: $20
Fri: $20
Sat: $20

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